We thank the Lord for convicting Carol’s heart to publicly accept Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour from sin on the 4 June 2022. Carol joins as a new member of the Amersham Seventh-day Adventist church. Carol shared:

“My journey with the Amersham SDA Church began 20 months ago, when I attended my very first bible study with them using Zoom.  Very soon I was convicted about keeping the Sabbath. God answered my prayers to be lead by Him into all truth.  Previous to this, I’d been attending church on Sundays but had felt for a long time that I was missing significant truths.  So I praise God that He led me to the Amersham SDA Church.

I praise God for a new beginning and chapter in my life and walk with Jesus, which was solidified by my baptism on the 4th of June.  I pray I remember this day always, one of the most significant days of my life.  I sought the truth and the Lord made a way for me.  Daily, I thank God for my beautiful church family whom I love. They all worked together to make this very special day happen.  I’m so grateful and thankful to them for their love and support.  It was a perfect and beautiful day, all glory and praise to God.  I am very very blessed.”

Elder Al Eccles who baptised Carol stated, “God richly blessed the day of Carol’s baptism witnessed by family, friends and brethren. The church has already recognised Carol as a true Christian sister, offering kindness and God’s love to both those in the church and those in the community. Heaven is indeed rejoicing of her public decision to serve Jesus Christ, and to share His everlasting gospel to the world.”

Pastor de Lisser mentioned, “It was a joy to participate in Carol’s baptism remotely and to hear her accept Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour with such clarity and conviction that heaven rejoiced. I pray that her effervescent faith will lead others to Christ so that heaven can continue to rejoice.”