Amersham SDA church history

our history


Amersham is famous for it’s rich Christian history including the martyrs who stood for Biblical truth irregardless of the consequences of their lives. Lollards and Quakers were among the most well known Christian groups who were martyred for their faith during the dark ages.

The Amersham memorial stands today on a hill in Old Amersham highlighting their bravery, courage and love for Jesus Christ.

our history

The history of the Amersham SDA church began in 2002 when Pastor Elliott Williams, Elder Cameron Jack & family, and brother & sister Joseph (pictured below) were inspired to raise a new Sabbath school branch in central Amersham from the Micklefield High Wycombe SDA church. Additional families were invited to support the new plant including the Williams and the Eccles families.

amersham sda history

The new birth of the Amersham group led to local community activities including Amersham wide leaflet distribution, special childrens’ activities, evangelistic outreach programs and several health related events such as the Health Screening program below:


The Amersham Sabbath School branch has grown to become the Amersham Seventh-day Adventist church group and have helped local communities in need. One of the notable events included a hall sale to raise funds for the victims of flash flooding in the Little Marlow area. Our local church assistance was reported in the local newspaper:

Our members are culturally diverse, warm, welcoming and are keen to meet new visitors ! Feel free to join our weekly services each Sabbath (every Saturday between 10 am and 1 pm):